Here is a web page devoted to showing off our son Donovan as an infant and toddler. The images (with slight commentary) are somewhat in reverse chronological order. Click on the image to see a larger view. Enjoy!


Lounging around the house:

Cool shades:

Out for a walk on a nice spring day:

All dressed up and no where to go:

Practicing sitting up:

Practicing standing up:

Practicing his pushups:

Celebrating the spirit of Chinese New Year:

Starting to sit up:

Lazy day in the swing:

Last picture with mocassins:

More cute pictures:

Modeling some gifts:

Future Hall of Famer, Getting him ready for the big salaries:

Here is our little Santa's Helper, Christmass Eve, also Donovan's 2nd month birthday:

Getting a bath:

Dondon's Baptism on November 27th, 2004:

The most excellent cake for the party (thank you Ninang Lolyn):

Lounging around the house Thanksgiving weekend:
Doting Grandparents:

New parents hard at work:

Donovan Lyle (soon to be if all goes well) Oxenrider was born at 9:27 AM on Monday, October 25th 2004. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz and 21 inches long. So far all indications are excellent. Our neice is doing well and still appears committed to the adoption. Eliz and I have been doing all the handling, feeding, changing (well, Eliz, anyway), etc.

Here is Donovan's first picture, taken when he was two days old just before we left the hospital: